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Tito Aznar

Deluxe Pizza--Sentence Combining

English 1113.3
English 1113.4
English 2413.1
Humanities 3100
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1.1.       The pizza is in the middle of the table.

1.2.       It is fresh from the oven.


2.1.   Its crust rises up.

2.2.   The crust is thick.

2.3.   The crust is golden brown.

2.4.   It is like a wall.

2.5.   The wall surrounds the rest of the ingredients.


3.1.       The sauce steams.

3.2.       The sauce bubbles.

3.4.    Its smell fills the room.

3.5.    The smell is slightly sweet.


4.1.  The pizza is covered with pepperoni slices.

4.2.  They are shiny.

4.3.  They are dappled.

4.4.  They contrast with the sauce.

4.6.  The sauce is dull red.


5.1.    Mushroom slices rest in the sauce.

5.2.    The slices are shriveled.

5.3.    The slices are soft.

5.4.    Their edges are slightly curved.


6.1.  Green olives are scattered about.

6.2.  Black olives are scattered about.

6.3.  They dot the surface.


7.1.    Cheese melts over the pizza.

7.2.    The cheese is creamy.

7.3.    It enmeshes everything in its weblike strands.

7.4.    They trap the taste until someone releases them with a bite.