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Tito Aznar

Passive Voice Exercise

English 1113.3
English 1113.4
English 2413.1
Humanities 3100
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Change the following sentences in passive voice into sentences in active voice.  Be carefully with some of them as you will have to come up with subjects for the active voice versions.  This assignment is due in class on Tuesday, October 14.

1.  The bus was boarded by a man with a live parrot on his shoulder.


2.  The stained-glass window was broken by a large falling branch.


3.  Baseballs for hospitalized were autographed by the entire team.


4.  The hotel was destroyed by a fire that started with a cigarette.


5.  The pressures of dealing with life and death must be faced by doctors.


6.  The missile was directed to its target by a sophisticated laser system.


7.  The kitchen shelves were covered by a thick layer of yellowish grease.


8.  All the wrapping paper was stuffed into the wastebasket by the compulsively neat child.


9.  Most of the escaped convicts were captured within a mile of the jail.


10.  Prizes were awarded for hog-calling and stone-skipping.

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