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Tito Aznar

Pronoun Reference

English 1113.3
English 1113.4
English 2413.1
Humanities 3100
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Revise the following sentences to improve pronoun agreement and reference.  Write C if a sentence is correct. This assignment is due at the beginning of class on October 22.

1.  When the temperature is more than ninety degrees, they can quickly dehydrate anyone working or playing outdoors.


2.  A dissatisfied customer will often tell their friends about a bad experience.


3.  Some singers overestimate their musical range, and this miscalculation causes them to strain their vocal cords.


4.  The committee submitted its revised budget last week.


5.  The well drillers finally found water at seven hundred feet, the greatest depth it had ever had to drill.


6.  Insurance rates continue to climb, and this is why some people choose not to own a car.


7.  A busy executive must find time to pursue one of their hobbies or outside interests.


8.  College seniors often worry about what he or she will do after graduation.


9.  Children are sometimes surprised to find that his or her role in the family changes as time passes.


10.  The supervisor asked everyone on the morning shift to turn in his or her vacation request by noon.

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